Live music Nikolaev

Live music in Mykolaiv

No celebration can do without musical accompaniment (Live music Nikolaev). Music is an integral part of any celebration. It creates an atmosphere of the holiday, especially if the songs are performed live.

Live music performed by this beautiful girl with a magic voice will become a source of positive energy and create a special festive atmosphere of joy and fun! Incendiary hits, dance music, jazz compositions of domestic and foreign stage – nothing is impossible for Elena.

She prepares a repertoire for your event based on your musical preferences and those of your guests. Your favorite musical compositions, performed with her unique and charming voice, will satisfy even the most demanding guests! The songs performed by the soloist will turn this event into a pleasant memory directly associated with your holiday. Every song is a dance hit, which will fill the dance floor!

The music program is accompanied by lighting effects, which will undoubtedly emphasize the festive atmosphere and create an excellent mood.

Having performed for over 10 years, Elena earned a sincere love and respect of the guests. She is like a bright flash, blinding, exciting, pleasing and surprising. Her unusual voice will become a worthy decoration of any festive event.

In our restaurant a constant offer is available – Live music Nikolaev for free!

Live music

Music is an integral part of the banquet. It creates a holiday atmosphere, especially if the compositions are performed live.

Delivery of the banquet dishes

If the desired date is not available or you decide to celebrate the event at home, we can help you! You can order a delivery of any dishes from our menu.

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