Banquet hall price

Banquet hall “Elen”: the price of banquet per person and conditions.

Delicious dishes of the traditional European cuisine at a good banquet price per person– this is the main credo of our restaurant. We are the family-type restaurant, here you can rent a banquet hall and feed your guests at a good price. No matter whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday or a common family get-together, we guarantee that our prices will pleasantly surprise you, and our dishes will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmet.

The price of banquet per person

If you’re planning a feast with up to 25 people – we recommend you to book a small hall for a banquet. You can be 100% confident in the freshness of products, quality of execution of dishes and aesthetics of serving.


Whatever event you’re planning, everything will be perfect in our restaurant.

Banquet hall for a wedding cheaply

Young couples looking for an inexpensive wedding restaurant usually wonder what the price of banquet per person is.

The cost of standard menu consisting of the delicious cold and hot snacks, juicy meat and fish dishes, salads and desserts is about


UAH per person



service cost

You can adjust the menu according to your taste and the chosen gastronomic set (the price may change)- sky’s the limit.

If you decide to organize a holiday of two hearts in love, we strongly recommend you to order a banquet in our establishment.

You can be sure that it will be inexpensive, while good emotions from visiting our establishment will last a lifetime.

Banquet hall “ELEN” is an inexpensive banquet room where talented chefs will deliciously feed you and your guests.

Call us right now (you will find the phone below) and find out the price of a banquet hall.

Rest assured, you will be satisfied with our loyal pricing policy and impeccable European cuisine.

Live music

Music is an integral part of the banquet. It creates a holiday atmosphere, especially if the compositions are performed live.

Delivery of the banquet dishes

If the desired date is not available or you decide to celebrate the event at home, we can help you! You can order a delivery of any dishes from our menu.

Our prices

We are a family business, so we don’t have an expensive rent and a desire to earn all the money of the world in a year. Due to this, our price policy will pleasantly surprise you!