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When ordering a banquet for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you get a live music for free! from 30 people

Is it possible to imagine a good holiday without music? It is impossible to dive into the atmosphere of celebration without musical accompaniment. Therefore, the restaurant “ELEN” has a professional creative team performing popular songs live.

The highlight of our creative ensemble is a lovely girl with a pleasant voice. Her vibrant energy will not leave anyone indifferent. Music will awake the guests and provide an informal atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy the communication with each other or plunge in your own thoughts.

You can choose a musical repertoire. These can be the popular Western and domestic hits, jazz or any other music style. In this, the performance is accompanied with light effects, which gives the event special solemnity. Hiring the professional musicians, you don’t need to think about entertaining the guests – leave it to the professionals.