Banquet Hall “Elen”

Banquet Hall “Elen” has been working in Mykolaiv for more than twenty years. This is a family business, and we are glad to offer our guests any celebration– wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate, or kid’s parties.

We easily adapt to any format of the event that the client needs, whether a wedding, an anniversary, or a business banquet. In this, high standards of service and impeccable quality of the products supplied to the kitchen remain unchanged.

If you want to order a banquet inexpensively, you’ve found one of the most advantageous offers. For a small amount, you get a broad menu of salads, cold cuts, meat dishes, warm meals, side dishes, and snacks.

Delicious cuisine

Be sure – you will feel comfortable, tasty, and fun with us, while our chef will please you with amazing dishes.

Our wedding restaurant collaborates with high-quality product suppliers, which will please every palate. Fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and other products are the pride of our restaurant, which is famous for its amazing culinary delights.

The friendly team of the banquet hall “ELEN” will please the guests with high-level and friendly service.

Your guests will enjoy the time spent within the walls of our restaurant. Exquisite cuisine, impeccable service, and pleasant atmosphere of our establishment will remain in your memory forever!

Banquet Hall restaurant “Elen”

When ordering the banquet hall “Elen” early, you can choose between the large and small banquet halls. It all depends on the number of guests you wish to invite. 20-50 people will feel comfortable in the big hall, while the small one is intended for 15-25 persons. The halls have separate entrances, which means you won’t be disturbed.

Banquet hall for 50 people – we are sure you will appreciate the spacious dimensions and well-designed interior space.

Banquet hall for 20 people will please you with soft lighting and pleasant interior decoration. Our banquet room in Mykolaiv is waiting for you!

Live music in Mykolaiv

Is it possible to imagine a celebration without music? You can’t plunge into the atmosphere of celebration without musical accompaniment.

The highlight of our creative team is Elena. Having performed for over 10 years, she earned a sincere love and respect of the guests. She is like a bright flash, blinding, exciting, pleasing, and surprising. Her unusual voice will become a worthy decoration of any festive event. Live music in Mykolaiv: you can find out the prices and available dates by phone on this site.

Why our regular customers love us?

Of course, the main indicator of the quality of the establishment is its cuisine and atmosphere. We thoroughly improve in both directions, guaranteeing every client an impeccable service and a rich menu of delicious culinary delights. It will be difficult to find a second such banquet hall in Mykolaiv)) You can find reviews about us on Google and Facebook.

Order a restaurant for anniversary

Celebrating an anniversary at the restaurant is a perfect excuse to gather all your loved ones and enjoy a great company and friendly conversation. We offer you two location options – banquet halls for 25 and 50 persons. You can celebrate an anniversary at the restaurant funny, brightly and inexpensively. We will be glad to see all the guests in our establishment.

We will carefully plan the menu for your guests together to make sure everything is perfect. Rest assured that your guests will be pleased with the time spent with us. We guarantee an impeccable service, tasty cuisine, and reasonable prices. The banquet hall in Mykolaiv is waiting for you!

Restaurant for a wedding party

Don’t you know where to celebrate a wedding in Mykolaiv? Banquet hall “ELEN” for a wedding is a great place, where you can organize a solemn feast. We are sure that you will be pleased with the time spent in our banquet hall. If you are interested in renting a restaurant for a wedding, we will be happy to help you, because we can organize a banquet hall for a wedding cheaply and very comfortably!

We offer one of the most convenient, spacious, and festively decorated wedding halls available in Mykolaiv.

Banquet hall for a corporate party

There is no better way to unite the work team than to rent a corporate hall in a cozy place.

Pleasant atmosphere and the opportunity to chat with your colleagues in an informal setting is a great chance to heighten an esprit de corps and gather the team around the new ambitious goals. Banquet room for a corporate party: we have all conditions for holding such party– a great hall, a talented chef, and competent organizers.