Ukrainian ostrich egg art Pysanka “Tavriyska”. Pysanka on an African ostrich egg for sale. Height – 16 cm. Hand-painted with beeswax. The ornament is created using acid etching. Aniline dyes. Covered with varnish. Sold with a transparent plastic stand.

Pysanka is made using ancient technologies and tools preserved by the Ukrainian people. Modern, high-quality dyes and materials are also used. Pysanka is not only a souvenir for decorating your home interior but also a fantastic gift. The drawing on the Easter egg has a sacred and symbolic meaning. Therefore, Easter egg art painting is given as a magical charm to preserve and strengthen friendship, love, positive relationships in social life, and business.

This carved ostrich egg art is dedicated to the southern region of Ukraine – Tavria. It is a region near the Black Sea, so there is a lot of sun, water, and wind. There are many fish in the sea and rivers. Ukraine has anchored itself on this land and stands steadfastly like a lighthouse. It has a free spirit, like seagulls. It moves forward under full sails, into a happy, peaceful life.

The owner of this pysanka is encouraged to stand firmly on his feet, and as in surfing, to ride his wave and move only forward.

Buy Ukrainian ostrich egg art Pysanka “Tavriyska”

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